Greetings, I am Pastor Grace Richardson, the founder and Senior Pastor of The Power House Church; and Granting Grace Global Outreach Ministries, I am godly proud to introduce to you a new and exciting Outreach Production Ministry located in both New York and North Carolina.  We have also hosted fellowships in San Diego California as well.
Gospel Open Mic Explosion is a ministry that gives both, the new converts and seasoned saints a chance to excercise their gifts and talent.  Our forums are created to give more men, women and youth the opportunityn to fellowship in a safe place where they can gather with their family to worship Jesus Christ and to have fun.  
Gospel Open Mic Explosion (GoMe) is only one of our productions,  showcasing talent on all levels Coast2Coast..
To find out how to get our production to you, click on to our contact page and write to us. 
G.O.M.E. Producer, Pastor and Host
The Reverend Grace Richardson